Crafted Photo Restoration for as little as $25

Your History provides high end photographic retouching applied to your family archives. Your images are carefully reproduced and restored to original, if not better quality so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

                    A valued image restored for Euroa RSL

Your History can also help with:

Image retouching



Element removal

…and if you would like moving footage

Still animation

With well over 20 years retouching experience, a lifetime of photography and expertise in the latest technology allow me to manipulate images with amazing results.
Photographs sometimes cry out for enhancement or modification by a trained technician, resulting in a superior display. Photo restoration is a meticulous art and although the tools for performing the job are in many hands, often the technical knowledge is mistaken for imaging talent. There are even many establishments claiming the ability, but few clearly provide the exacting reproduction or artistic interpretation.

Your History provides ‘crafted’ photo restoration.

As every image is unique, so every job has it’s own demands. Your ‘eye’ is the primary consideration, so if your expectations are not met, there is no obligation.

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