Take for instance colourisation


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You may supply reference photos for applying colour to black & white photos otherwise a little imagination is employed.


The Queen of Jazz revitalised


…or added balance


Rose Stone, a significant personality of Balaclava Victoria has kindly allowed this photograph to be reproduced.
The photograph was taken in
 1939 near the Russian border at the little town of Biala Podlaska. The only remaining
image Rose has of her family, it depicts three sisters
 Shanie, Malka and Sima; Rose’s Mother and Aunties.
Tragically, only Shanie and her family emigrated  to Australia just in time, the others 
with their families perished
under Hitler. A precious image given new life.


Then, there’s just fun!


Why not exercise your creative freedom and become an ‘art director’.
Let your imagination play with invitations, personalised cards or simply a gift of a snapshot from your mind.

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